Ottoman Turkish Coffee

A brandnew delight from Hisar Kahve,which has been remembered for 91 years.
Ottoman Turkish coffee with finely ground and creamy texture.
This very special contenful blend has a variety of unique aromas from gum mastic to cocoa and from vanilla to carob.
The second gift us to world, after the siege of Vienna in 1683

Hisar Coffee

Date-smelling flavor

Everything has started for us at a small shop in Hisarönü, İzmir. Such that, the alluring fragrance of the coffee that came up from that shop pervaded almost all around Kemeraltı. The coffee was roasted to a turn and thinly crushed, being served fresh all the time. The regulars of the said coffee increased by time. The calendars showed yet the first years of the Republic, i.e. 1928.