Living and tasting with a pleasant sound; For years…
Having its name from the “Kaffa” village of Ethiopia where it was first found, coffee was initially consumed as food besides being used for medical purposes under the name “Magic Fruit”. Its story started in Yemen at the early 15th century and circulated through Mecca and Cairo in 16th century and then came to Istanbul in the midst of the same century. And together with the Second Vienna siege in 17th century, it came to be known and tasted in a number of European countries.

Coffee was an essential element for especially the Sufis of Yemen during their prayer and religious service times. Coffee was first brought to Istanbul by Yemen Governor Özdemir Pasha and was called “Turkish Coffee” because of Turks’ special preparation techniques. It was an indispensable drink at the Palace during Suleiman the Magnificent period. Towards the end of 19th century, coffee was sold as green beans and was roasted in house or palace kitchens in coffee pans and could be ready to be made only after being milled in coffee grinders. When coffee beans were started to be first roasted and then milled and sold, public access to it became easier, and the rising unstoppable fame of Turkish Coffee reached all around the world thanks to the foreign merchants who visited Istanbul.

The reality of taste is never forgettable. And the Turkish Coffee has now become a real taste appreciated and admired by the world.